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Foldable Baby Play Mat Xpe Puzzle Mat Educational Children's Carpet in the Nursery Climbing Pad Kids Rug Activitys Games Toys

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Baby Play Mat Waterproof XPE Soft Floor Playmat Foldable Crawling Carpet Kid Game Activity Rug Folding Blanket Educational Toys

Features :

  • Crawling Mat Type: Integral
  • Toy type: other toys

Waterproof, cool-proof and fall-proof

Exclusive crawling space for your baby

Fun climbing pad thickening / antiskid / density upgrade

Safety  Anti-fall knee pads  Water insulation and moisture insulation  Cold insulation  Easy to clean up  Double-sided pattern

Baby's golden period of learning to climb is not to be missed.

Crawling is the beginning of the baby's active exploration of the world. The baby has to go through about 800 hours of crawling mats in his life to make the baby brave.

0-7 months Sit in a cool and damp-proof position

About 8 months Crawling balanced support

September-August Walk smoothly and strongly.

September-June High-density material for preventing falling injury

Thickened cushioning & nbsp; Protect your baby from crawling

EPE interior material, safe to use

Fine wrapping Flat edge without warping

Selecting round C is wide, soft and comfortable, adding a health guarantee for baby's tender skin.

Thickened anti-collision & nbsp; Various thickness specifications

In summer, it blocks hot air and does not stick to people. In winter, it separates cold and humidity. There are many specifications and thicknesses. There is always one suitable for you

Loop texture & nbsp; Enhanced friction

Comfortable touch, free to climb and jump, no skid, strong softness and no skin injury.

Water-proof and anti-fouling can be cleaned immediately Reduce bacterial growth

To save cleaning time for mothers, water-stained milk-stained rice grains will not seep or be sticky, and reduce bacterial growth.

Why do you think you are so good? The more you know the details, the more you know the trust.

Glyph aware texture

Feel comfortable and enhance friction

Fine edging without warping

Add a guarantee for baby's tender skin.

Double-sided double pattern

Double sided double pattern more options

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Customer Reviews

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